Devices Practice

NPD's Connected Intelligence team is the authoritative source for information on connected device ownership and usage, both in and out of the home.  The research serves as the guide to product development strategy for organizations focused on digital content distribution.  By understanding the connected device ecosystem, particularly brand share, connect rate, and usage, our clients are better positioned to allocate development resources and target the right platforms to maximize content distribution.

Within this Practice, the content is divided into three core areas: 

  • Marketplace
  • Behavior
  • Innovation


The Marketplace reports look at the current landscape for mobile devices available in the retail market, including carrier stores and big box retailers. These monthly reports provide a foundation for behavioral reporting within the devices and access practices.

The Mobile Device Marketplace report covers:

  • OEMs share of available mobile phones offered by each wireless carrier
  • Mobile phone price bands by carrier
  • Mobile hotspot, USB modem, and tablet sku count availability by carrier


The Device Behavioral reports focus on the Connected Home, considering the relationship between the devices installed and the content viewed on these platforms. How the devices are used to view varying types of content is impacted by the types of device being added to the home, such as tablets and smartphones, and so the relationship between connected devices impacts how content is consumed.

The behavioral reports focus on three core components:

  • Ownership of connected devices
  • Usage and convergence between computers, tablets, smartphone, and TVs
  • Forecast of connected TV and attached device ownership


The combination of the connected home analysis with use and convergence behaviors provides a clear understanding of the current over-the-top environment and how the addition of new devices and technologies impacts the content consumption status quo. The device connectivity forecast provides key insight into how this environment will change over time. The portfolio of research provides content owners, TV Networks, digital distributors, retailers, and device manufacturers a key understanding of which platforms and brands are the priority for new apps. And, it offers wireless operators insight into strategies for integrating smartphones and tablets into the home ecosystem.

The key reports within the Device Behavior Practice are:



Innovation reports consider how the connected device market will evolve over the next few years. Reports are five to ten page research papers that consider the current state of the market, and the outlook of how this landscape will evolve.  Reports range from being specific to the devices landscape though to broader issues, such as the impact of screen sharing innovation, access services and content solutions.

These innovation reports leverage a multitude of research sources, ranging from sales and supply chain data through to consumer panel research and vendor interviews. Combined with marketplace and behavioral content, the innovation reports round out a complete view of the connected consumer user experience and how it will evolve over time.

Recent & Upcoming Innovation reports: