The WEAR practice focuses on the rapidly evolving U.S. wearable technology market. The coverage remains true to the Connected Intelligence philosophy, encompassing what consumers own, how they connect and how they use the products, providing key insight to app developers and OEMs looking to develop wearable technology strategies.

The WEAR practice consists of four distinct deliverable types that combine together to provide a comprehensive view of the competitive landscape:

Wearable Marketplace Report:

A monthly view of the wearable products that are available in the U.S, as well as insight into products that are expected to launch in the near future. The report includes pricing, functionality and app details, and supports side-by-side comparisons to quickly differentiate similar products and understand the key strengths and weaknesses of various devices.

Key components:

  • Current market summary
  • Side-by-side comparisons
  • Detailed feature tracking per device
  • OS support
  • Device pricing




Industry Overview and Forecast:

A twice-yearly report that looks at the bigger picture of wearables in the current landscape. The report includes a detailed forecast for activity trackers and smartwatches – with the ability to dynamically change some assumptions to view alternative outlooks. In addition, the report looks at current – and future – competitive pressures to report on how we expect the market to evolve.

In the report:

  • Evolution of the Wearable Market
  • Definition of a Device
  • Activity Tracker Adoption and Use Forecast
  • Smartwatch Adoption and Use Forecast
  • The Smartwatch is coming! Preparing for the Apple Watch
    - Impact on the Watch business
    - Impact on Activity Trackers
  • Do Consumers Really Want a Smartwatch?
  • Apps will Drive Acceptance and Independence
  • Wearables and Wireless Mobility
  • Key Trends in Next Two Years


Consumers and Wearables:

A twice-yearly report that examines consumer awareness, ownership and use of various types of wearable technology and related apps. Content covered includes use, as well as lack of use, over time. What features does a consumer look for in a new device and how does that differ from the features they actually use once they own the device?

 Key components:

  • Consumer awareness of wearable categories and products
  • Consumer ownership
  • Drop-off rates for devices
  • Features consumers look for
  • Features that consumers use
  • Where consumers plan to purchase


Key Event Analysis and Insight:

Ongoing tracking of key services and product launches, in addition to thought-leadership reports that look at the innovation required to drive the market forward.

Key components:

  • New product analysis
  • Key trends in the market
  • Thought leadership reports on key topics