Content Innovation Report

The Everywhere TV Network report is an Innovation report. These reports leverage a wide array of sources, ranging from point of sale data through to mystery shopping and vendor interviews. Innovation reports provide a view of how we expect the market to evolve in the coming 12-24 months, complementing the tactical focus of the Marketplace and Behavior reports.

There are two types of Innovation reports:

  • Inflection reports take on the "big ticket" items that impact all three segments of the market (i.e., device, access and content). These larger reports are published in all three Practices, and there are typically three of these per year. An example from 2012 was the Smart TV report, which considers the impact of the Smart TV from the three perspectives of access, device innovation and content.
  • Impact reports take a more focused view of an issue, looking at topics that are more relevant to one specific part of the Connected Consumer market. The TV Everywhere report is one such example. These reports are published in one specific Practice only.

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