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Connected Intelligence is the only guide to product development strategy that provides a complete view of the fascinating world of connected devices. We are the authoritative source of device ownership and usage, in and out of the home, now and in the future.

To achieve this, Connected Intelligence tracks the connected consumer via four core elements; the devices consumers OWN, how they CONNECT them, the content they USE, and INNOVATION we expect to shape future connected consumer habits.

Only by considering all of these aspects can a true picture of the competitive landscape be fully understood. For example, understanding which devices are owned, and connected, is a fundamental building block when considering the types of content that consumers are watching in the home. Likewise, simply knowing how many tablets are owned is not enough: understanding how many have a cellular connection is fundamental to tracking how content use may expand beyond the home environment.

Connected Intelligence leverages a unique range of data sources as a foundation for its reports. Rather than simply relying on consumer panel data, Connected Intelligence also leverages NPD’s point of sale data for devices, on-device metering, mystery shopping, and other industry sources to calibrate the data and deliver key insights. The result is the most reliable and accurate view of the current competitive landscape.

The service is supported by a team of analysts who are available for further discussions. Service offerings come with unlimited basic inquiry (short calls) to discuss the reports in more detail.

Learn more about the facets of our Connected Intelligence practice:

Clients can purchase report packages that fit their particular industry’s needs (please refer to the Industries section for examples of industry solutions).

Wearable Technology

In addition to the core focus of Connected Intelligence, which focuses on the Connected Consumer’s use of devices in the home and while mobile, we have launched an additional service area that focuses on the rapidly-growing wearable technology area. The WEAR practice embraces the core philosophy of Connected Intelligence’s own, connect, use and innovate, but within a single cohesive suite of reports and solutions.

Learn more about the Connected Intelligence WEAR practice.

Home Automation

Home Automation is quickly capturing the consumer’s attention and we expect to see a significant increase in products – and consumer adoption – in the coming years. The new Home Automation practice tracks the consumer’s interest in the new devices. Who is buying, why and what are they hoping to achieve are just some of the questions this practice area addresses

Learn more about the Home Automation practice.